Almost every person has a desire to run a successful venture. When starting a business, you do not have a plan of selling it at a particular point in life. Offering your business for sale remains in your dream. Your objective is to establish an empire that will benefit you and leave it behind for your children. However, a business has stages. While you think you are on your way to success things may change abruptly, at such a moment you need to consider an exit strategy by selling your business. Here are three signs that indicate it is the time to offer your business for sale:

Threatening market trends

As you know, modern markets are dynamic. They change from time to time. A new trend in the market is a threat to existing businesses. For instance, Uber altered the cab industry causing a threat to taxi companies. If you notice that the new trends in your market will make your business irrelevant, you need to move fast before it is too late.

Do not wait for a moment when you will have zero option other than closing down your business. Hence, you should keep an open eye on the current and upcoming trends in your niche to void getting caught off guard. This way, you will know the right time to take your venture to the businesses for sale market.

Inability to manage your business

Your business may become difficult for you to succeed either due to health issues or inadequate skills.  Particularly, if you are the principal person in the company or running a sole proprietorship, inability to manage the business can lead to its failure. When the business grows, you may start encountering low and high seasons. Such seasons requires someone with the ability to manage their moods and emotions. Hence, if you cannot handle them, it is advisable to sell your business and opt for other investment opportunities with little emotional pressure.

The desire to try a new profitable niche

Diversification is a good idea in business. However, you may not have enough capital to run your current business and launch a new one. If you have an urge to try a new niche that you deem more profitable than the current one, you can opt for offering your business for sale.  The desire to move to a new niche is an indicator that you have zero motivation on the current business. So, selling it is the best option.