Are you looking to earn more money? No secret that developing a business idea or implementing one that is available is the only way to achieve this. As technology takes shape, businesses are suffering from lost sales. Customers are continuing to embrace virtual shopping. So, if you are a wise entrepreneur, you need to come up with new ideas to keep your cash flow intact as well as earn extra dimes.

However, everyone is moving to online selling. Hence, you are wondering which another way you can boost your earnings. Do not worry. These three business ideas are what you need to increase your revenues in 2018 and beyond:

Venturing in sharing economy

Do you have a personal car or unused office space in your business? Well, if this is so, you can start earning some coins through letting out that space. This approach is known as sharing economy. Here, you rent out the excess space or car and receive earnings in return. If you own either, you can engage Uber or Airbnb to step into this market. Hence, instead of letting your cars or office space stay idle, you can transform them into earning opportunities through adopting sharing economy as your business idea.

Launch a mobile food truck

If you work in an company where no lunch is offered, you can confirm that going out for lunch is a big challenge. Mainly when you have to move down the stairs and walk for a long distance to reach a hotel. As a business person, this can be a potential business opportunity. How? If you are already running a food and beverage services business, you can launch a mobile option. Here, you will use a truck to take your services close to the customers. Your vehicle will be converted into a dining space. However, you must identify a strategic position adequate for the truck parking during the peak hours.

Become a social media consultant

As you know, social media is no longer rumors and propaganda sharing arena. The platforms are slowly becoming marketplaces. For a business to be relevant in this generation, it must be reachable and available through the social media. As such, the demand for social media managers is on the rise. Therefore, if you have adequate knowledge in this field, you can start offering consultancy services. This way, you will earn additional coins in your pocket.

In a word, if you want extra coins, these business ideas are worth implementing. All the best.